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“The conservator who needs to handle an object—to repair damage caused by human beings or by time—should be able to review the entire history of the object and distinguish its original function and appearance (insofar as these can still be surmised) from later modifications; the conservator should not only study the relevant texts but also read the object itself to recognize the traces of its history.”

------------ N. Stanley Price, translated by Alexandra Trone

All conservation work begins with research! Please take the time to provide us with what you know of your object and its history using our Google Form.


The initial consultation connects you with the Principal Objects Conservator, so that the Conservator can collect some basic information about the object(s) in need of conservation and establish what your goals are for treatment. Consultations are also an opportunity to ask the Conservator’s advice related to the care, display, storage, etc. of a particular item, even if treatment is not the goal. 

If your needs are outside the purview of LYLC Studio, every effort will be made to connect you with a colleague who can help.


Please be aware that treatment costs will not be discussed during a consultation or at any time prior to a thorough examination and creation of the Examination Report & Treatment Estimate. Only in exceptional circumstances will a bid or treatment estimate be provided without a formal exam.



After the initial consultation, the Conservator will provide you with the cost of conducting the condition assessment and preparing the formal Examination Report & Treatment Estimate. Cost of an assessment is a flat sum determined per project. On-site examinations (and treatments) are possible, and may be necessary, depending on the object’s size and condition. If the object is examined on-site, travel compensation according to the current IRS mileage rate may apply. 


An appointment is made to either examine the object on-site, or to pick-up the object to conduct the exam at LYLC Studio. Payment for the condition assessment and treatment estimate will be expected on the day of the appointment. You will be notified of any associated transportation fees at the time of pick-up, and will be billed subsequently. See "Travel & Transportation" for more information about potential fees. 


Please allow up to 10 business days to both complete the exam (including testing, documentation, etc.) and to prepare the Examination Report & Treatment Estimate.  Large inventories may require a longer assessment period. 


Once the Examination Report & Treatment Estimate is ready, the report and all related imaging, analysis, documentation, etc. performed on the object will be uploaded to a Google Drive folder shared between you and LYLC Studio, at which time, you’re able to download and save the materials at your discretion.


Treatment time varies greatly, influenced by the size of the object(s), the type and extent of treatment needed, availability of materials, and the flow of projects currently at the Studio. An approximate treatment time in hours will be included in the Examination Report & Treatment Estimate, which helps inform the estimated cost of treatment, but does not reflect the date of completion. Please make the Conservator aware of any deadlines for treatment during the consultation or assessment period. Please see Additional Service Info for more information.


Clients are encouraged to get in touch at any time for an update on their project.



The Examination Report & Treatment Estimate will include multiple treatment options that range in degree and cost. The Conservator will review the treatment options with you to find which best suits your needs and budget. If we’ve settled on a course of treatment and you wish to proceed, you will receive our Conservation Services Agreement in your email via DocuSign. Treatment will only begin once both parties have signed the Agreement and all required initial deposits are paid to LYLC Studio.


When treatment is complete, you will receive an invoice detailing the remaining balance and payment due date. Once payment is received in full, the final Treatment Report and all documentation from the course of treatment will be made available to you, uploaded to the shared Google Drive folder, and objects that received treatment at the Studio will be returned at your convenience.


Reports & Documentation

LYLC Studio’s reports and documentation represent a snapshot of your object’s condition and treatment record at this given point in time, and will be invaluable for its future care and treatment. Clients are strongly encouraged to digitally save all reports and documentation from their object’s treatment, and pass them along with the object if it should change hands.

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