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  • Do you restore paintings?
    No. Unfortunately, LYLC Studio does not treat paintings, textiles, or works on paper, but we will be happy to connect you with a professional who can.
  • Do you treat non-art pieces? Like family heirlooms or other sentimental items?
    Absolutely! If you've placed value on an object--sentimental or otherwise--then it's worth just as much care and preservation as typical "art" with market value. LYLC Studio is happy to work with you to make sure your items last for future generations.
  • What is my piece worth?
    LYLC Studio does not appraise objects. Appraising the current market value of an object is outside our expertise and ethically conflicts with the work we do. However, the results of our conservation work in the study and analysis of your piece may be useful to a professional appraiser in its authentication. You can find an independent appraiser on the American Society of Appraisers website.
  • How much does conservation cost?
    There is no "going-rate" for conservation services, and costs are figured on a per-project basis. The cost of completing a Condition Assessment and Treatment Estimate will be provided by the Conservator, based on information about the piece obtained in your free consultation. After the Assessment, you will be given a formal Examination Report and Treatment Estimate, which will outline treatment options varying by degree and cost. LYLC Studio does our best to work within your needs and budget to find the best option for you. Learn more about Treatment Process and Additional Service Info.
  • My piece is too large for me to move, can it still recieve treatment?"
    Absolutely! LYLC Studio provides on-site examinations and treatments for pieces that cannot be moved safely due to size and/or condition, and on-site treatments may be necessary if the Studio can't accommodate the object's size. Please see "Travel & Transportation" in Additional Service Info to learn more about potential fees associated with on-site exams and treatments.
  • My basement has flooded and my valuables are soaked! Can you help?
    Unfortunately, LYLC Studio is not equipped to handle emergency response and recovery in the case of fires, floods and natural disasters, however we do treat the damage from such events. If you have an art emergency that needs immediate response, we recommend The Conservation Center's Disaster Response Team.
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