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All reports, documentation, and other media related to the study, analysis and treatment of your work, will be saved in the cloud and made available to you digitally. Photographs and like media will be in jpeg format, however, raw format is available upon request. Hardcopies of reports on quality paper are also available upon request, at an additional fee.



Please make the Conservator aware of any treatment deadlines during the consultation or assessment period, as this can influence the Treatment Estimate. Conservation treatments are specialized services that require sufficient time and care to ensure the best outcome, and for this reason, requests for “rushed” treatments are discouraged and advised against. However, LYLC Studio understands that tight deadlines are inevitable and unavoidable in certain circumstances, especially with museums and related entities, and we will do our best to schedule our work to meet your deadline. Naturally, treatments that require expedited shipping of materials for treatment, and treatments that are “rushed”, will incur additional expenses, as this affects the cost in materials and potentially impacts LYLC Studio’s other commitments.


Free local pick-up and delivery of objects is provided by LYLC Studio, otherwise shipment will be arranged. Packing and handling fees may apply for over-sized or cumbersome items, and pieces requiring triage prior to moving will also incur a fee. The client will be notified of any associated moving fees at the time of pick-up and delivery, and will be billed subsequently. 


If LYLC Studio needs to travel to perform an on-site exam or treatment, travel fees will apply. Fees will be calculated according to the current IRS mileage rate. For treatments, accrued charges for mileage will be totaled at the project’s close and included on the final invoice.


Beyond the initial condition assessment, it’s possible that further research, testing, analysis and more advanced imaging techniques may be recommended or necessary in the pursuit of treatment. Additional analysis or imaging may be outsourced if the required instruments are not immediately available to LYLC Studio. Associated costs for such work will be discussed with the client and only implemented at their approval. 


All treatments are subject to change as work begins on the object. Any changes to the initial treatment proposal, or additional recommended treatment, will be presented to the client as an Addendum to the Conservation Services Agreement. An Addendum will not be implemented unless/until the client approves the changes, along with all associated additional or modified costs and treatment time.


Treatment proposals are not a guarantee that the work can be completed or executed with the desired effectiveness. Proposals are primarily based on non-invasive techniques of study and visual inspection, and are therefore inherently limited. As treatment begins and unfolds, unanticipated conditions may be discovered which may change the expected results of treatment, and which may even find treatment is not safely possible. 


In the event that LYLC Studio is not able to fulfill the Conservation Services Agreement, or the client is dissatisfied with the completed work, partial refunds may be possible at LYLC Studio’s discretion, up to 7 days after the owner retakes possession of the object. However, charges for materials, supplies and equipment are always nonrefundable, as these are expended in the course of treatment.

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